Presentation Guidelines

Guidelines for Virtual Presentation

Language: English

Submission Deadline: September 7(Mon), 2020

Step 1
[Recording the presentation]
Please refer to the detailed guideline below.
- Presentation File: PowerPoint 16:9 ratio / 10 minutes
Step 2
[Uploading the recorded file]
Please find the recommended title below, and upload the file to the LMCE 2020 Dropbox link.
- Recommended title:
Presentation Code_Presenter’s name, (e.g., OP 01-01_Gildong Hong)
- Upload: LMCE 2020 Dropbox link

[Guidelines for Recording Your Presentation]

Guidelines for E-Poster

Language: English

Submission Deadline: September 7(Mon), 2020

1. E-Poster

- Screen Ratio 16 : 9
- Number of Slides 7 pages are recommended (Maximum 10 Slides)
- Format MS-PowerPoint (MS Office 2013 or newer version)
Option 1) Template using the LMCE Background
Option 2) Template using free Background
*Please use the LMCE Background at the first page*
* Please download and use this template(MS-PowerPoint).
* Video must not be included.

2. Upload your E-poster file

Please convert your slides into the PDF format before uploading.
When you finish your entries in PowerPoint, convert it to PDF by clicking
“File” -> “Export” -> “PDF format” -> “Save”.

  • 1. Click the “+”
    The PDF File Name: Abstract Code_Presenter’s name, (e.g., A-000000_Gildong Hong)
  • 2. Click “Upload”

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